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A repost of KonoEne fanfiction from my tumblr since I decided to collect my writing here.

“Hey, Ene… Can’t you call me Konoha instead of Mr. Impostor…?” What did I do wrong?” A certain white haired boy talked to a phone. If someone see him, they’ll think he’s crazy, talking to a silent phone. But in reality, he was talking to the blue data girl who lives inside the said phone.
“………” Ene, the resident of the phone, said nothing. She doesn’t even facing the boy who talks to her. Ene just gives the cyborg a cold shoulder.
“….Ene….” A sigh of frustration escapes from Konoha’s mouth. His eyes show sadness. Without trying to talk to Ene again, he left Shintaro’s phone on the table and walked away.
I don’t know why she call me like that… It’s kinda… hurt…? Huh? Why did I feel hurt? I don’t know who Ene is before, so why I feel hurt when she call me “Mr.Impostor”?’ Seems like Konoha was thinking too much that he didn't notice Shintaro was in front of him. When both realize where they walk, it was too late. The force send both of them to the back and make them fall.
“Ouch! Hey, watch where yo—- Oh, it’s you Konoha… Err, what’s wrong?” Shintarou isn't the brightest person when it’s about others’ feelings, but he can see it clearly that the person in front of him is troubled by something.

“…..Shintarou, did I do something bad to Ene before…? I wonder why she keeps calling me ‘Mr. Impostor’…? I have a name too… It’s Konoha…” Konoha shows a frustrated expression. The asked teenager was dumbfounded. Konoha, the my-pace boy who is usually more emotionless than a statue, shows expression like that because of a hyper girl who call him master.

“Uhh… I… errr…..” Kisaragi Shintarou can’t say anything. He himself doesn't know why Ene calls Konoha like that. Then it hits him. Think about it… Didn't Ene act weird that time when they first saw Konoha and Hibiya at the park? She insist him to follow their ambulance, yet when he meets Konoha, she said she got the wrong person. Doesn't that mean she has a friend similar to Konoha before?

With that assumption, he then told Konoha that Ene maybe call him ‘impostor’ because he looks like Ene’s friend in the past and can’t take it well to the fact that there’s someone similar to her dear friend and that makes her call Konoha as ‘Mr. Impostor’.
“That’s….” A pained expression clearly seen on the poor white haired. This is the second time Shintarou was taken aback by the reaction that the usually- emotionless cyborg show. Seriously, just because of Ene?!

“U-umm…. Err… I can’t really help you with this matter, but maybe… I can at least ask Ene to stop calling you ‘Mr. Impostor’… No promise though, since she’s totally a stubborn one… Well, I have little confidence that this will work, so you have to work by yourself if this failed. Good luck.” After patting the taller boy to give him encouragement, Shintarou leaves Konoha, who seems like in a deep thought because of Shintarou’s words.

Three days ago, it seems like Konoha talked to Shintarou about this nickname that Ene gives to the Mr. Cyborg, since her ‘master’ also asking her to call Konoha as ‘Konoha’. Being stubborn as usual, Ene just told him to stop telling her what to do and she’ll be messing around with Shintarou computer file even more if he keeps sticking his nose to this matter. The threat successfully make Shintarou back out and let the problem be solved by just Konoha and Ene.
But that’s only stop Shintarou, not Konoha himself. Since the day he asked her to call him by the name, Konoha keeps bothering Ene with that non-stop whenever he gets chances. And today, he did things like tickling her (technically tickling the phone because he can’t touch her), just like right now…

“AHAHA! M-Mr. Impostor! Stop! Hahahaha!” The twintailed data girl laughs a lot.

“I won’t until you stop calling me that…” Despite saying something threatening like that, Konoha’s innocent face doesn't fit at all and make his ‘threat’ sounds not scary at all.

“Pffftt! I said stop!” Within a second the phone was forcefully shut down. Ene, who was now finally can take a break, let out an exhausted sigh. Konoha has been bothering her a lot nowadays, all just to make her call him ‘Konoha’.

No, she can’t do it. She can’t call his name without thinking and him with Haruka. Haruka is dead and now lives as a humanoid cyborg called Konoha. The truth is indeed Konoha is Haruka as well, despite doesn't have his memory as Haruka. But for Ene, if he has no memory, he is not her Haruka, he’s just a stranger, an impostor. She knows it’s not fair for the cyborg, but she just can’t help it.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t call you by your name… Not for now…”

Today too, Konoha keeps bothering her. He keeps asking her to not call her Mr. Impostor and call him Konoha instead. Ene is frustated enough to actually retort back to her Takane self for a moment.

Ugghhh! I had enough!’ Ene finally let out all her frustration and shout to the boy who keeps trying to talk to him. “GEEZ STOP BOTHERING ME WILL YOU KONOHA?!”

Silence fill the air, but not after Konoha realize something. Ene just call him ‘Konoha’ instead of the usual ‘Mr. Impostor’.

“…You call me by my name…” A small yet pure smile spread on Konoha’s face. Ene, who realize what she did, blushed out of embarrassment.

“N-no, I don’t! I said nothing!” Too late. No matter how hard Ene tries to deny it, Konoha already get what he want, which is she calls him with his name.

“Finally… I was wondering when you will call me by my name… Thank you, Ene-san, I feel happy…” Konoha gives a sincere smile, which stunned Ene suddenly.

That smile that she already lost long ago, the smile that reminds her of her past self, the smile that always makes her happy… It was Haruka’s smile. Even though Ene know Konoha isn’t Haruka anymore, she can’t help but to see how similar their smiles are. She let out tears forming and falling from her eyes.

“E-Ene-san?! A-are you hurt?” The amnesiac boy panicked. Did he do anything wrong again now?

“I-it’s just a bug, nothing wrong!! I-I’m going to sleep! Don’t bother me again, Konoha!” With that the phone screen turned black, separating the now red-faced Ene and a smiling Konoha.

“Thank you, Ene…”



“Hey Konoha, why you want me to call you by your name that much?” Ene asked her fellow non-human friend. She believes Konoha already lost his memory as Haruka and doesn't remember her, so why? Konoha looks at the ceiling to think and the face Ene again.
“Because… I love Ene. I really want to hear my name comes from your mouth with your voice. I guess, it makes me happy.” The sincere answer from the white-hair cyborg successfully make Ene blushes really red. She immediately shut the phone down, leaving the confused Konoha.
Poor girl can’t face Konoha for a week without having blush decorating her face red.


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