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Another repost. It's HaruTaka in Domestic AU.
This reminds me... I have some ShinAya and HibiHiyo fics WIP in my folder... Maybe I'll finish them someday, maybe...
Enomoto Takane, now Kokonose Takane, is married to Kokonose Haruka since a year ago. Then 8 months after the wedding, Takane found that she was already 3 months pregnant. She’s really happy and overjoyed. Haruka feels the same, and they prepare everything for the baby. They didn’t check the gender of the baby, wanting it to be a surprise instead. Every thing is perfect for Takane, except…
“Ta-Takane! What are you going?! You should rest!” Takane was annoyed. Ever since her pregnancy reach seven months old, her dear husband has been really overprotective to her. She can’t do much things now, since Haruka will do it for her instead, much to Takane’s disapproval. Actually Takane knows that her husband just want to make sure she’s safe, but really, she’s not that fragile!
“Haruka, I just want to do the laundry! It’s not going to be that dangerous you know..” The wife said, but the husband still looks worried.
“B-but but! What if the laundry get blown, then you tried to take it back, and then you fall! Let me do it instead!” Takane sighs. She doesn't know whether she should feel happy that Haruka worried about her or wants to facepalm for having such an idiot —but adorable— husband.

“I’m not that clumsy, okay…? Besides, wasn't it you who almost fall from the balcony when trying to catch the blown laundry….? And it makes you traumatized too. How on earth you’ll manage to hang it then?” Haruka gives nervous laugh. Indeed what Takane said is true and yes, it makes him afraid to do the laundry again, but for now he’ll try to overcome his fear, for Takane’s sake!

“I-I can do it, no problem! Takane should just re—-” He stopped when Takane put her index finger on his lips.

“Idiot, it’s alright… I can take it this much…” Seeing his wife smiles like that make Haruka blushed. He returns the smile and finally give up and let Takane do her job instead. It doesn't stop him for being protective though. Instead of doing the laundry like he first intended, he watches Takane nearby so that if anything happens, he’ll be able to help her quickly.

Finally he stop bothering me with the house works…’ As much as she isn’t really fond of Haruka’s protectiveness, Takane doesn't mind being watched by him. She prefer things goes like this instead of making her has no work to do due to Haruka’s overprotective side.

An overprotective Haruka… Takane wants to giggle when she think about it. The innocent black-haired boy she once know turned into such an overprotective man. She remembers that after she told him about her pregnancy, Haruka didn’t even let her to clean the bathroom. He said it was dangerous for her because there’s a chance she’ll slip and stuff. Her dearest also didn't allow her to lift boxes when they were cleaning up their house. Takane wasn't even allowed to drive her car to the market alone!

It takes almost 3 months for Takane to convince the man that she’s fine and he doesn’t need to be so overprotective. He obeyed, but still has this overprotective side up until now though. Just like last week when she suddenly feel dizzy and not feeling well. She called Haruka and told him to buy some medicines on his way home, and to her surprise, Haruka came home less than an hour after the phone call. She heard that he immediately ran home after getting her phone call. Takane can’t help but to sigh over how idiot his husband is…
…..Speaking of office, isn’t he supposed to be at his office now…?’ Takane looked at her husband who’s now reading a book called ‘How to be a Good Parents - For Father’ with confused looks. “Hey Haruka, aren’t you supposed to be at office right now? You have holiday?”
“Oh, I already gave my boss a letter of retirement so that I can be focused to protect you and the baby~” The boy who has beauty mark on his face smiles innocently. In contrast with the male Kokonose, the female Kokonose let out a horrified expression when the words finished being processed in her mind.
“YOU DID WHAT?! YOU IDIOT! YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO THAT FAR!!” Haruka was taken aback by his wife’s shouts. It didn't take long for him to know she’s very angry over what he did.

“U-umm… Ta-Takane…?”
“Go take the letter back! Apologize to your boss! Don’t come home before you do that!”
And the poor Haruka get kicked out from his house…

“My wife telling me that I’m an idiot for trying to quit my job to protect her and she hit me…” Haruka cried when he goes back to work and faces his boss after Takane shooed him to go to the office. Thankfully his boss already used to his antique and hasn't process Haruka’s letter of retirement, making him still able to continue his job.
“I feel sorry for your wife…” The boss sweat dropped, imagining how hard it is for Haruka’s wife to control her airhead husband.


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