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I swear this is the last repost lol Mikagaku fanfic featuring one of my favourite pair, AsuOto or Asuhi/Otone!

”Meteor shower?”

“Yes! According to the schedule, it’ll be around the end of the week, on Saturday night! Do all of you have time to join in? Do you? Do you?” The astronomy club member, Imizu Asuhi, asked with lots of excitement in his words. Whenever the usually-calmer boy talks anything related to astronomy, he always get those sparkles in his eyes.

“Calm down Imizu, we’re not going to run away!” Akama Yuuto from drama club said, chuckling. The rest do the same; they just can’t help but want to smile or chuckle seeing Asuhi being in such an excited state. The said person blushed and apologized, realizing his action.

“S-sorry— I was just… umm… too excited… I’m very sorry!” He apologized, once again. Eruna just patted his shoulder understandingly, followed by Himi’s grins. “Umm.. So…”

“We’re going of courseee!” Himi, and Eruna answered together. Yuuto and Bimii just nodded. Yuuto even said he’ll bring Usamaru and others as well, which Asuhi is really grateful of.

“Can we go with you guys too?” Everyone turned around, seeing Shigure and Sadamatsu approaching the group. Eruna’s face turned sour upon sighting her cousin.

“Ah, of course sen—”

“Sadamatsu-senpai yes, you no.” Cut Eruna. Automatically, Shigure falls into his depression corner, earning bunches of sweatdrop from others and Eruna’s indifferent stare, who talked to a now-seems-happy Sadamatsu instead.

“Eruna-chan, no need to be shy… I know you want to enjoy the beautiful night scenery with just two of us, but I’m afraid it must be postponed for now, my love…” Shigure’s stupidity seems to get Eruna, who ultimately threw a nearby brick (no one know why it’s there) straight to his face.

“Ninomiya, are you an idiot…?”

There come Kuzuryuu Kyouma, with Mikagura Seisa following behind him. They were planning to get Shigure since there’s something they want to talk about, but seeing what happened, they doubt they’ll get time to talk.

“Oh! Kuzuryuu-san! Seisa-chan! Fancy to meet you two here!” Himi waves to the two, receiving a small nod and a smile from them respectively.

“Good afternoon everyone, talking about something?” Seisa asked, moving closer. Eruna, who was in the middle of beating Shigure, joined back seeing her goddess there.

“Afternoon, megami! We’re talking about Asuhi-kun’s invitation! Apparently, there’ll be a meteor shower on saturday!” Eruna said cheerfully, while Asuhi nodded in agreement.

“Oh my… That sounds nice indeed. But I’m afraid I can’t join in, it’s late at night, right?” Seisa sighed. It’s not like she’s being antisocial, but being out at night doesn't seems right for her.

“C’mon Seisa-san! It’s not something you can see everyday! And it’s not like it’ll be dangerous… There’s at least 9 of us, and should I say how much members astronomy club has?” The recovered Shigure tries to persuade the principal’s granddaughter to join them? He too, just like everyone else, wants to enjoy it with his friends. “Beside, this handsome man will definitely protect you if anything happened oh princess—-”


“You talk a sentence too much…” Eruna said, tired of her stupid cousin. Her hand holds a paper fan that just claimed Shigure, who’s now lying on ground fainted, as its newest victim.

“Eruna, it’s enough, you don’t need to hit him anymore.” Seisa stopped Eruna who’s in position to give Shigure another hellish hit, looking a bit worried of the glasses man. “Thank you very much for you invitation, I’ll try to consider it.”

“That’s nice to hear Seisa. How about you, Kuzu—”

“Not going.”

“Why noottt?! It’ll be fun! Come on join usssss, Enoyan-senpaaiiii!” Eruna annoyingly asked Kyouma to join the party. The older guy makes a scary face, annoyed. Despite that face, Eruna doesn’t seems to falter and keep asking.

“Don’t I make myself clear?! I. AM. NOT. GOING!” Kyouma walked away, and Eruna stubbornly still asking him to come with them.

“Heeyy Imizu, do you prepare some kind of beverages of snacks for the big day?”
“Ah yes… The president said there’ll be some hot tea, coffee, and also… ah, a bunch of hot milk, since the weather will be cold.”

Hearing the word milk, Kyouma stopped on his track. Eruna, Yuuto, Himi, and Shigure smirked victoriously. They know the painter won’t give a no for his all-time-favourite drink. Sadamatsu and Seisa, as well as Bimii, just watching while thinking that Kyouma already took the bait and there’s no way backing out anymore. Asuhi is the only one doesn’t understand what is going on.

“…..Maybe I’ll come… Just don’t expect me okay?!” Kyouma stormed off, obviously dislike how he lost the battle because they cheated by dragging ‘milk’ along. Shigure and Seisa went after him.

“Then it’s decided~ All of us will attend~ Isn’t it great, Asuhi-kun?” Asuhi nodded happily. His smile is contagious that those around him smiled as well. Suddenly Himi gasped, startling those around her.

“Ah!! Himi must get going now, calligraphy club will start in minutes!”
“Now that you mention it… I have to get back to drama club, see you all later!”
“………..Ah……. The flowers…. ………Have to water them…..”

And like that the seniors just gone, leaving Asuhi, Eruna, and Bimii behind.

“Well that went well… Oops, I need to go as well, have promise with Oto—” Eruna just thought of a good idea.

“Eruna-san? Is there something wrong?”

“Asuhi-kun, why not inviting Otone-chan along? I know she’ll be happy with it.”

Asuhi was taken aback, didn’t think Eruna will said that. It’s not that he hate the other club-less girl, but he still feels a bit hesitant towards the person who defeated him in the rookie battle.

“Ca-can’t Eruna-san be the one who invite her? I-”
“Nuh-uh, it has to be you in person. I mean, it’s your club’s activity right?”

She got the point… But…

Eruna can sense Asuhi still hesitating. The girl understand their term, but she definitely doesn't like them for prolonging the uncomfortable situation. That’s the very reason Eruna asked Asuhi to invite Otone by himself. Both of them doesn’t seem to hate each other anyway…

“Anyway try to invite her okay, Asuhi-kun? Don’t think about her answer, just try talking!”
“See you later then, Asuhi-kun. Wait Eruna, don’t leave me behind ryui!”

Asuhi is all alone now. He feels glad that the others accepted their invitation, but feeling of nervousness lingering him. He has to invite someone who until this moment still make him awkward around. The rookie can actually just ignore Eruna’s request, but he is definitely not that kind of man.

T-There’s no point hesitating- I have to get a grip of myself and try to ask Fujishiro-san tomorrow…


Searching for the purple-white haired girl is not an easy quest. When Asuhi went to her classroom, they said Otone already went out. With Otone’s no-club status, the boy can’t really pinpoint where she might be. Having no other choice, Asuhi just wanders around searching for her while asking people as well.

Where is Fujishiro-san…? That was weird… usually she’s quite stand-out and not rarely can’t be seen around… It was true. Despite the awkward situation between them, they see each other quite often, probably because they’re both first year student?

Normal people most likely will give up and excuse themselves by saying cannot found the person, but not definitely not Asuhi. Despite still not fond of the idea, he just don’t have heart to back up. So the kind-hearted boy once again trying to search for Otone.

His effort finally bears fruit. Spotting Otone nearby the school yard fountain, he (hesitantly) approaches the girl.

“Fujishiro-san! Finally…” Otone turned around and saw the one who call her. Imizu Asuhi, the one who she defeated during the rookie battle. She panicked inside, absolutely has no idea why he talked to her. Usually they’ll just ignore each other, leaving an awkward atmosphere. Then why now the boy talked to her?

“What do you want from Fujishiro? Make it quick.” Ah there she goes again… As usual, whenever Otone feels nervous, she talked like this put of habit.

“U-umm… Uh…” Taken aback by the cold treatment, Asuhi starts to be hesitant again. But it’s now or never… “I-if Fujishiro-san has free time on saturday night, would you like to join astronomy club’s event, watching the meteor rain shower? Ah yes, Eruna-san will join in, as well as the others.”

Inside her heart, all that Otone want to say is just ‘Yes! Fujishiro wants to join in!’, but she seems like cannot put it into words. The club-less girl has a problem talking to others, especially toward Asuhi who she just beaten in a battle before, which make it double trouble for her. Ah, Fujishiro has to answer him!

“…You think Fujishiro has that much free time for you all? No thank you, Fujishiro has no intention to join.” After screwing up with the answer, Otone walks away. Asuhi sighed, both because he’s glad he already tried asking (though harshly rejected) and because Otone rejected his invitation.

'Well… At least I tried to ask… I must apologize to Eruna-san for not being able to have Fujishiro-san to join in…'

Not far from where Asuhi and Otone talked, Otone clings to Eruna with depressed cloud hung around, making Eruna questioned what’s wrong with her friend.


Saturday come fast and it’s night already. Asuhi makes his way towards the school rooftop, bringing several telescopes that were left behind. He’s so excited to see the meteor shower. Walking faster, he caught a glimpse of figure nearby.

It was Otone…


Weirdly, Asuhi doesn’t feel the usual uneasiness he feel around Otone this time.

He just feel like wanting to talk to her…

But reminded that he has task-to-do, Asuhi decided to just leave the girl alone…


“Yo Asuhi-kun, good work today.” Shigure patted Asuhi’s back. The latter smiled shyly over the compliment, not forgetting to thanks the senior. Asuhi asked how’s the others, and Shigure just told gestured him to take a look.

The rooftop currently is filled with lots of people, both from astronomy club and outsiders that were invited. There’re snack and both cold and hot drinks. Currently, Eruna and Bimii tried to get Kyouma away from the hot milk stand, while Seisa just watch the trio with slightly amused face. Himi is seen chatting with Sadamatsu, with the former does most of the talking. The group from drama club currently having fun at the snack corner, bringing crowds around them who watches Yuuto (who is forced to) plays pocky games with Usamaru (also forced too), both having a very pale face.

“Well, I’m going to Kuzuryuu-kun now, can’t let him to emptied the milk can, can we? You have fun too Asuhi-kun!” Just like what he said, Shigure makes his way to the milk stand. But instead of stopping Kyouma, Shigure actually flirts Eruna, easily gained him a free fainting ticket. Asuhi who watched from afar sweatdropped.

“Even so… Everyone seems to have fun… I’m glad I invited them.” The star-loving teenager smiles seeing his happy surrounding.

But then his mind wanders to someone else….


'I wonder how is Fujishiro-san…
What is she doing outside at this time…?
That back I saw…
…looks so lonely…'



Without saying another word, Asuhi stormed off the rooftop, running downstair. His action catches lots of attention, making everyone wonders what is actually happened.

Otone sighed. She’s currently walking around the school ground mindlessly. She can’t really sleep, and doesn’t want to. The twin-tailed sits on the nearby bench.

Another sigh came out from her mouth. The girl keep thinking how she was rudely turned down Asuhi’s invitation when actually she wants to join in. Eruna even asked her to join them and apologize to Asuhi, but her stubbornness takes control over her and now here she is, lamenting.

Sometimes Fujishiro just don’t understand herself… Thinking that there’s no point mopping around anymore, Otone stand up and make her way back to her sleeping bag.

“Fujishiro-san! Wait!” And she stopped, turning around to see a certain green-white haired boy.

“Imizu-san….? What— Ehh?!” Otone doesn’t have time to finish her sentence, let alone gaining her composure, since Asuhi just grabbed her hand and currently dragging her somewhere. “Imizu-san! Where are you taking Fujishiro to?!”

Asuhi doesn’t answer, but instead increasing his running pace, still dragging Otone behind him. Otone herself don’t have choice, so she just blindly runs along. After what Otone thinks took forever, they arrived at the rooftop.

“Rooftop? Imizu-san! What is your purpose dragging Fujishiro—” Once again, Otone stopped in the middle of her sentence. She was watching the sky, mesmerized by the beautiful meteor shower.

“I’m very glad we made it in time… Ah, I’m very sorry for dragging you like that, Fujishiro-san. Actually, I saw you before and… your figure looks… very lonely… And I just can’t leave you alone…”
“Uhh… once again I’m sorry to force you here!” Asuhi smiles apologetically. Otone blushed slightly. This boy was thinking about her, despite her always treated him badly.

“Humph! You think this Fujishiro is lonely? You get it wrong Imizu-san. Fujishiro is just thinking about life, she is not lonely!” Stubborn Otone is stubborn… Asuhi chuckles awkwardly, before looking back to the sky.



“Fujishiro says… thank you for bringing her here…” She was embarrassed. Her face must be very red right now, which is why she doesn’t have courage to look at Asuhi’s face.

“You’re very welcome, Fujishiro-san.”

And the two of them watches the on-going meteor shower, smiles plastered on their faces.



“Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?!”

“Don’t worry Eruna-chan, I saw it too!"

“Kyaaaa they’re smiling and holding hands! Himi’s little Asuhi-chan is growing up~”

“Nice one Imizu… Never though he’ll be quite an aggressive type."

“All of you should stop spying, ryui…”

“Weeeelll…. While I agree with you… Aren’t yourself watching them as well….?"

“How about we enjoyed the meteor shower too? Let’s give time for Imizu-san…”

“……The stars…. are… falling…. Ah….. pretty……”


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