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Wow it's been more than a year since I post something here... Well, it's not like anyone is waiting for my stories anyway *laughs* LOL JK~ I was just... really busy IRL, and also my depression got worse, problems, etc... I'm a bit calm now, but not really recovered yet ;;;

Well, enough with that depressing thing! So I was looking around my files and found this unfinished story I wrote~ It was half-written with pointers of how the story goes, so I just continue it. I actually cut it a lot since I can't really remember the feels anymore...

This is a Touken Ranbu short one-shot, with no specific toudan mentioned. I tried to make it as ambigious as possible, so feel free to imagine who it is www

Well, please enjoy~


Have you experience something like this?

You love someone... That one person you hold dear in your heart.

But you know you’ll never win her heart.

She never said anything about that, not even a bit... But the gold thing on her ring finger says it all without her needing to explain at all.

That’s right.

She’s betrothed to someone...

...Someone who is not you...


Today too, she’s busy looking at the rectangular thing she brought from the future. The moment there’s a sound, she looks at it and smiles come out. She would excuse herself quickly and back to her room, looking so happy. We, the sword boys, usually looked at her full of curiosity. She hardly ever smiles in front of us, but whenever she talks to ‘someone’ behind that screen, it’s like a flower field suddenly appear out of nowhere.

It was an entertainment for all of us. The contrast between the usual her and when she talked using that device (which later we found out it was something called ‘phone’) is amusing, like she suddenly become a different person. Whenever she returned back to us she’ll be teased mercilessly. The redness of her face that time is priceless, at least for us.

Those times were nice...

But as we spent longer time together, it became a frustrating instead...

Her adorable smile... that voice filled with happiness... those eyes in love...

I wish I’m the one she showed those emotions to... I wish I can monopolize her by myself...

I’m... falling in love... with my own master...


On that day, that one day I never wish to arrive, I noticed my own feeling for her.

With me being her ‘secretary sword’, we spent a lot of time together. It was my little happiness, to be able standing by her side. Here I am, enjoying every second of these moments, momentarily forgetting reality.

But on that day, that one day I never wish to arrive, everything changes.

That day she received her usual call, she came back to me with the biggest, happiest smile she ever have. There’s a twist in my heart, like alarming me that something unpleasant will happen. Ignoring my own feeling, I asked her about it. As you know, her smiling like this is a rare event.

She doesn’t answer, only continue to giggle and smile.

It was... weird...

But I let it be, trying to pay no mind to the bad feeling I get.

Of course this unusual behavior won’t go unnoticed by the others. Everyone keeps pestering her for answer.

“It’s a secret~”, was all she told us.

When they looked at me instead, I shook my head showing that I was as clueless as they were.

Eventually all of them got tired from the not satisfying answer and left her alone.

The next day, she asked for permission to go back to her era. She said she has important thing she need to do, and that she’ll be absent for two days.

There’s no way I can stop her; I have no right to...

But I can’t shake off the feeling that I shouldn’t let her go... That she should just remain here.

Opening my mouth to answer, my more rational side won instead. I let her go.

With the permission in hand, she smiled at me and went back to her room, where the ‘portal’ will bring her to the future.

I should have listen to my egoistical self...

Because when she’s back...

...a simple-yet-elegant ring made it on her ring finger...


A month has passed since that day...

Today, the entire household gathered in the garden for a party. The sword boys can’t really go with her to the future after all, so all they can do is holding a party by their own here before the big day tomorrow.

Despite being a bit disappointed that they can’t attend, everyone keeps congratulating their master repeatedly; genuinely feel happy for the turn of event...

...except for one person.

Distancing himself from the crowd, he stands there, watching with mix of longing, regret, and unhappiness.

She caught his figure and smiled, not noticing the emotions on those eyes looking at her.

Faking his smile, he joined in to say those words for her...

“Congratulation on your wedding”

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