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Continuation from [The Egoist and The Transfer Student], which revolves around Sanae and Sena after they started dating \o/

Writing this was.. how to say... embarrassing? Well not really lol I just feel like wanting to give this violent-tempered cat a punch on the face somehow www I don't even care how OOC he is anymore...

Please enjoy~

(p.s I started to questioning my sense of title naming and story idea whoops...)
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And here another ansuta fanfic \o/ This time it features Sanae Konishi, my friend Kai's tenkousei-chan, with Izumi Sena. (lol seriously, I almost always type Sena when I have to type Sana and also the opposite *laughs*)

This is also a belated birthday present for Kai! Happy belated birthday sweetie! Thanks for being such a sweet friend!

Let's see... This one is yet another fic written in Indonesian. Please forgive me for the OOC-ness and stuff, you have been warned!

Hope you will enjoy!
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My first Ensemble Star (Ansuta for short) fanfic www This one contains my producer-chan, Kanako Miyazaki. Also the focus in this one is Midori Takamine, the RYUSEI Green from RYUSEITAI unit. He's such a cutie <3

This will probably contain OOC-ness and other mistakes, I'm so sorry!
And it'll be another Indonesian fanfic, because somehow I don't really want to deal with English grammar ugh...

Please enjoy!


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