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2016-08-23 05:25 am
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[Loving You is Painful] - Touken Ranbu

Wow it's been more than a year since I post something here... Well, it's not like anyone is waiting for my stories anyway *laughs* LOL JK~ I was just... really busy IRL, and also my depression got worse, problems, etc... I'm a bit calm now, but not really recovered yet ;;;

Well, enough with that depressing thing! So I was looking around my files and found this unfinished story I wrote~ It was half-written with pointers of how the story goes, so I just continue it. I actually cut it a lot since I can't really remember the feels anymore...

This is a Touken Ranbu short one-shot, with no specific toudan mentioned. I tried to make it as ambigious as possible, so feel free to imagine who it is www

Well, please enjoy~


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2015-07-11 10:29 am

[Meany Affection] - Ensemble Stars

Continuation from [The Egoist and The Transfer Student], which revolves around Sanae and Sena after they started dating \o/

Writing this was.. how to say... embarrassing? Well not really lol I just feel like wanting to give this violent-tempered cat a punch on the face somehow www I don't even care how OOC he is anymore...

Please enjoy~

(p.s I started to questioning my sense of title naming and story idea whoops...)
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2015-07-09 08:29 pm

[Meteor Shower] - Mikagura Gakuen Suite

I swear this is the last repost lol Mikagaku fanfic featuring one of my favourite pair, AsuOto or Asuhi/Otone!

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2015-07-09 08:52 am

[My Husband is an Overprotective Idiot] - Kagerou Project

Another repost. It's HaruTaka in Domestic AU.
This reminds me... I have some ShinAya and HibiHiyo fics WIP in my folder... Maybe I'll finish them someday, maybe...
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2015-07-09 08:42 am

[Call Me by My Name, Please?] - Kagerou Project

A repost of KonoEne fanfiction from my tumblr since I decided to collect my writing here.
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2015-07-08 01:11 am

[The Egoist and The Transfer Student] - Ensemble Star

And here another ansuta fanfic \o/ This time it features Sanae Konishi, my friend Kai's tenkousei-chan, with Izumi Sena. (lol seriously, I almost always type Sena when I have to type Sana and also the opposite *laughs*)

This is also a belated birthday present for Kai! Happy belated birthday sweetie! Thanks for being such a sweet friend!

Let's see... This one is yet another fic written in Indonesian. Please forgive me for the OOC-ness and stuff, you have been warned!

Hope you will enjoy!
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2015-07-07 09:26 am

[Love Jealousy] - Ensemble Star

My first Ensemble Star (Ansuta for short) fanfic www This one contains my producer-chan, Kanako Miyazaki. Also the focus in this one is Midori Takamine, the RYUSEI Green from RYUSEITAI unit. He's such a cutie <3

This will probably contain OOC-ness and other mistakes, I'm so sorry!
And it'll be another Indonesian fanfic, because somehow I don't really want to deal with English grammar ugh...

Please enjoy!


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2015-06-22 02:41 am

[Fever] - Touken Ranbu

((This fanfic contains toudanxf!saniwa moments))

As usual, I have too much ideas in my head... Another Tourabu story, with my saniwa OC Nana Nanami. This time I'll use Indonesian since I'm not really in mood to make it in English...

All things here, like how the citadel is protected by saniwa's magic, is my headcanon. Also, I used all toudan in the available list, despite me doesn't have them yet in-game (such as Jiji and others)

Forgive me for OOC-ness or things like that, especially Ichinii who has a very very polite speaking pattern...

Enough with the author note-- Please enjoy!


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2015-01-31 03:33 am

[Wound] -- Touken Ranbu

i just... has lots of stupid ideas in my head lol And this is one of them

A Touken Ranbu drabble, featuring my saniwa OC, Nana Nanami.
I'm terribly sorry for all the OOC-ness, misconcept with the game, grammar error, and any other mistakes.

Umm... Enjoy...?

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